February 3, 2011

MORE OF THAT “NEW CIVILITY” WE WERE PROMISED? Video: Koch protests include calls to lynch Clarence Thomas. Note that this was at an event organized by the supposedly mainstream Common Cause. “Will the Southern Poverty Law Center report on the ‘Rage on the Left’ and label Common Cause a racist hate group?” I eagerly await the statement from the ABA criticizing attempts to intimidate the judiciary.

UPDATE: Reader C.J. Burch emails: “Gosh, it’s like this civility stuff is a sham bullies use when their victims hit back.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Speaking of “intimidating the judiciary,” look who else was there. “About 125 federal judges from across the country, including members of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, met at the same time as the Kochs for a separate conference at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort.” All while people were calling for Clarence Thomas to be lynched.

But that’s okay, the call for lynching was at a protest that featured “local elected Democrats and labor leaders.” So no story here.

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