January 28, 2011

PROF. JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Fact-checking Bill Keller on NYT-Bay of Pigs suppression myth. “The suppression myth has it that the Times, at the request of President John F. Kennedy, suppressed or emasculated its reporting about the pending Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. But as I discuss in Getting It Wrong, in the 10 days before the ill-fated assault, the Times published several detailed reports on its front page discussing an invasion and exiles’ calls to topple Fidel Castro. And, I note, there is no evidence that Kennedy either asked or persuaded the Times to suppress, hold back, or dilute any of its pre-invasion reporting.”

Campbell is the author of Getting It Wrong: Ten of the Greatest Misreported Stories in American Journalism. The Bay of Pigs story is one of them.

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