January 3, 2011

DRUDGE IS LINKING TO INFOWARS, AGAIN, with a piece asking Is Mass Bird and Fish Die Off Connected to Government Testing? As usual, the InfoWars people are clueless idiots. Government testing? That’s what they’d like you to believe. Actually, the signature makes clear that these deaths were caused by the Susumi radiation from a stealthed alien spaceship, which is lethal to anything with a circulatory system or a spinal cord. Usually they avoid this kind of incident by keeping their flight paths clear of bird flocks and not swooping too low over rivers and lakes, but, you know, science being science regardless of species most of the actual gruntwork of studying us naturally gets farmed down to grad students, and sometimes they slip up. . . .

UPDATE: An apology from the University: “The Blackbird Incident was the result of a mistake made by a trainee pilot who fat-tentacled the controls, allowing the Su’suumi field to relax briefly. Z’ir has been disciplined and the ship has returned to free space, where they will review the requirements for atmospheric operation using Mars as a practice ground. The University regrets the incident, and offers assurances that all possible precautions will be taken to avoid any more such.”

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