December 31, 2010


For all the talk in Washington of finally regulating schools into better food choices – the core purpose of the child nutrition bill that the President signed into law earlier this month – a bit of sore news during this sweet holiday season: the federal government has been in the business of micro-managing our children’s lunches for 30 years.

The people busy subsidizing corn production and talking up the consumption of cheese (paying for a $12 million ad campaign for Domino’s new line of cheese-heavy pizzas), will now be charged with better regulating the school-lunch programs they’ve been negligently regulating for 3 decades.

Add in the fact that millions of kids’ meals are federally sponsored with the school lunch program, meaning that the unhealthy food served often receives a double subsidy (to agribusiness and then to schools). Taxpayers are paying and paying again.

With rising rates of childhood obesity, Washington has been regulating and subsidizing a new generation of diabetics.

If this weren’t the government, it would be prosecuted as a criminal enterprise.

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