December 30, 2010

SO CAN’T THEY FIND SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T SUPPORT OBAMACARE to head the RNC? I mean, just a thought . . . .

UPDATE: Reader Bill Reece thinks this is unfair:

I don’t think your comments or the blog post to which you linked are necessarily fair to Mr. Priebus. As a member of a Firm with 50 or so fellow members, I can tell you that we have pretty divergent political and philosophical views within my firm, and I am in a pretty conservative locale. We have some members who are pretty big Obama supporters, and I can guarantee their views do not represent those of myself or many of the other members of the Firm, and vice versa.

In addition, pretty much every Firm in the country with any work in the medical field has been making similar sales pitches to clients regarding the coming regulatory avalanche associated with ObamaCare. It is good business and it serves clients’ interests.

Let’s give Priebus the benefit of a doubt and an opportunity to take a public position. After all, isn’t it a bit disconcerting that this was brought to public attention by “ThinkProgress”?

Good point. But I think a lot of folks feel that they’ve given the RNC crowd the benefit of the doubt repeatedly, only to be disappointed again and again.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Greg Andrews writes:

Priebus has been in charge of the Wisconsin GOP – and he has been remarkably successful here.

Ron Johnson (libertarian Republican) Senator

2 new Republican Congressmen

Both Houses of the legislature – Republican

Scott Walker, (Libertarian Republican) Governor – has already killed slow-speed rail, before even taking office.

That’s a good record, all right. So what’s his position on ObamaCare? I’d be interested to hear from him.

And honestly, the way things are going, the picture of him with Michael Steele is probably more damaging . . . .

MORE: Dan Riehl raises other issues, and says the RNC needs to pay attention to the optics. “A bad choice will only inflame tensions between the RNC and the base while they’re already at an all time high.”

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