December 30, 2010

CREDENTIALED, NOT EDUCATED: Ezra Klein: the Constitution is Impossible to Understand Because It’s Over 100 Years Old.

Just another dismissal of those long-dormant ideas from dusty bookshelves . . . Because educated credentialed people don’t care about those!

UPDATE: Reader Dave Ivers writes: “And the Left says Palin is stupid?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Daniel Barenholtz emails: “. . and after all that talk about Bush wanting to ‘shred the constitution’. Now a meme seems to be developing among some liberals that the Constitution is outmoded.”

I guess Bush should have just said “Whaddya mean, it’s over a hundred years old!”

MORE: Reader Mark Meyer notes that although the headline at Eyeblast is “impossible,” Klein actually says the Constitution is “confusing.” I don’t see this as being as big a difference as Meyer does, but I suppose it’s worth noting.

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