December 20, 2010

HMM: Yale Law Professors Establish Website To Encourage Tax Cut Givebacks.

UPDATE: Hanah Volokh emails:

You linked to the Yale profs’ page to give your tax cut money to charity. They don’t list the U.S. Treasury as a recipient option. For a true give-back, shouldn’t the only option be to send the money to the U.S. treasury? Government bureaucrats know how to spend your money better than you (or Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Children’s Aid Society, or Nurse Family Partnership) do!

Also, they’ve named the program Give it Back for Jobs. While those four charities might be worthy causes, do any of them create jobs? Wouldn’t the number of jobs in America grow more quickly if we all spent our tax cut money on consumer goods or home remodeling? Or by hiring someone to mow our lawns instead of doing it ourselves?

Excellent points.

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