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December 15, 2010

CHICKS DIG BAD BOYS: “Despite his most-wanted status and allegations of sexual misconduct, the WikiLeaks founder is intriguingly attractive to many women. . . . Oddly enough, I’m reminded of the moment in the last election cycle when Obama was being hailed as a ‘pimp’ by adoring Facebook supporters. . . . On some level, Assange’s supporters may want to believe he overstepped boundaries, without thinking of him as a thug. This distinction certainly happened with Bill Clinton and his feminist fans. Pro-choice Clinton apparently exposing himself to Paula Jones was, according to Gloria Steinem, not guilty of sexual harassment, while anti-choice conservative Clarence Thomas telling dirty jokes was a serious offense. . . . If William Kristol were accused of doing any of the above during a sexual encounter, he wouldn’t inspire nearly as much sympathy among liberal women. Yet Wolf, dwelling in a ‘boys will be boys’ way on Assange’s allegedly boorish dating style, reminds us that female appetites are as unpredictable as those of men.”

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