December 12, 2010

HISTORY: Muslims Save Jews in Untold WWll Story. “A wealthy man who worked in a tobacco factory took in the Colonomos family. Unlike many Jews in other parts of Europe who survived the war in cellars and attics, Jews in Albania were given Muslim names and treated as honored guests. Colonomos explains that under Besa, Albanians put their guests before their own family.”

UPDATE: Michael Totten emails:

Albanians are still defenders of Jews and also of Israel even today. I was in Tirana, the capital, a few years ago and heard a speech from prime minister Sali Berisha about the Holocaust and the Arab-Israeli conflict. “Israel will accept an independent Palestinian state,” he said. “But Israel cannot accept the fundamentalists amongst Palestinians because their ideology is identical to that of the Nazis.”

Most Albanians are (nominal) Muslims, but they aren’t Jew-haters.


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