December 8, 2010


UPDATE: Liberals Try to Prevent Pelosi From Bringing Tax Bill to the Floor.

ANOTHER UPDATE: White House: Failure to Pass Tax Cut Compromise Bill Would “Significantly Increase” Risk of Double-Dip Recession. Some Democrats don’t care who goes broke, so long as they get to stick it to “the rich.”

Related: “If Glenn Beck had ever gone after Obama this hard, he would have been denounced for committing a hate-crime.” Plus this: “Elsewhere, I’ve described this resentful class-warfare mentality — the politics of envy – as ‘Murthanomics.’ It is the exact opposite of sound economics, and is the sentiment that elects to office demagogues. To watch Olbermann indignantly lecturing the President of the United States in this manner is a delightful smorgasbord of schadenfreude.”

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