November 28, 2010

ROGER SIMON: Sleazy WikiLeaks Meets the Digital Ninnies of the State Department. “The criminality of self-righteous WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange aside, the State Department or other government nincompoops who authored the leaked documents and emails calling Sarkozy a ‘naked emperor,’ etc., deserve to be terminated for extreme doofuss-ness. These days, a school child knows that what you write digitally is forever indelible.”

Is this what they meant when they were promising us “smart diplomacy?” It’s interesting to me that the WikiLeaks stuff seems to reflect so badly on the Obama Administration and the career foreign service, while Harold Koh is trying to keep it quiet. Meanwhile a certain former VP has been largely off the radar for months. Has anyone seen Julian Assange and Dick Cheney photographed together? . . . .

UPDATE: “A moment of remarkable impotence.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Okay, ever since I posted this I’ve had the Riverbluff Clan going through my head: “Somethin’ is leakin’ I’m two quarts low . . . “

MORE: Prince Abdullah, Neo-Con Warhawk?

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