November 22, 2010

JACKSON DIEHL: Obama’s Foreign Policy Stuck in 1983. “So has nothing changed in the past quarter-century? In fact, almost everything has – especially when it comes to nuclear arms control and Israel’s national objectives. What hasn’t changed, it seems, is Barack Obama – who has led his administration into a foreign policy time warp that is sapping its strength abroad and at home. . . . “I personally came of age during the Reagan presidency,” Obama wrote in ‘The Audacity of Hope.’ Yes, and it shows.'” Remember the fierce moral urgency of change? Nah, me neither.

Related: Obama’s Foreign Policy Time Warp. “Obama’s opposition to ‘unproven missile defense systems’ included the one the United States had committed to install in Poland, a commitment which Obama abrogated to please the Russians. What about the missile defense system NATO leaders agreed to last week? Has that one been ‘proven’? Someone who covers the Obama administration for a living really ought to ask him about it.”

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