November 16, 2010

IT’S LIKE THEY’RE JUST TRYING TO PROVOKE PEOPLE NOW: Obama Administration Wants To Disable Your Cell Phone While You’re Driving.

The fact is that traffic accidents and fatalities have trended down to a 60-year low according to the NHTSA despite the rise in cell phone use while driving. There’s also a more recent study released by the CDC which shows that traffic accidents among young drivers have dropped 36% over the last five years despite an increase in cell phone use.

Plus, there’s absolutely zero evidence to indicate that bans on cell phone use while driving have done anything to make roads safer where they’ve been implemented.

But that’s not stopping Obama’s Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

LaHood is a clown. Can we impeach him? God knows things would be better if we’d actually impeached Norm Mineta, back in the day . . . .

Plus, the Dems weren’t smart enough to pull a Malcolm Wallop over air security ineptitude in 2002. Will the GOP be smarter now?

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