November 5, 2010

ROBERT GIBBS: Efforts to repeal ObamaCare won’t get past the Senate. That’s okay. Make ’em vote for it again. . . .

UPDATE: Reader John Miller emails:

Yes, you make the Senate vote on ObamaCare again.

You make them vote on a lot of things.

Were I in Boehner’s shoes, I’d be preparing a long list of very short, very simple bills, each covering a single issue with broad public support.

Race-neutral enforcement of civil-rights laws.

Sanctioning ‘sanctuary cities’.

Voter ID.

Forcing the DOJ to implement the voter-roll cleanup provisions of HAVA.

And so on. Single-issue bills that can be read by any voter in five minutes.

Run them through the House and, should a few more of these Senators staring 2012 in the face decide they don’t dare oppose the bills, we get to see Obama double-talk his way through vetoing motherhood and apple pie.

Yes, great idea.

UPDATE: Read this from John Boehner. And my Sunday Washington Examiner column — written, alas, before I’d seen this Boehner column — has some similar ideas, though I wish I could have made it a response to Boehner’s piece today.

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