November 3, 2010

FROM THE KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL: A short film on Bill Haslam’s successful run for governor.

UPDATE: A reader who works at Pilot emails: “I’d say in 12 minutes that video pretty much nails it. Bill hired me at Pilot over 16 years ago. The parts of the video on that time in the company were accurate. Bill’s lack of ego, seen by many of us who admired his approach to issues, is crucial to his success. I’ve never met anyone as un-affected as Bill, and I assert it is wholly due to his faith and his relationship with God, and Jesus Christ. He never, ever, wears that on his sleeve as so many in the secular/religious Bible-belt do. He is very different from his big brother, and his dad. Bill was an effective businessman and an effective public servant. Jimmy is an effective businessman (understatement, there) but would be a crashing failure as a public servant. Each has ended up right where they should be.”

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