October 31, 2010

PROFESSOR JACOBSON: David Brock of Media Matters Issues A Challenge, And I Challenge Back.

UPDATE: Plot still thickening in Alaska.

ANOTHER UPDATE: “There’s nothing better than being lectured by liars on what proper journalism is.”

“Of course it’s JournoList – it’s Greg Sargent,” Breitbart said in a phone interview. “Then you see Ben Smith say ‘a snippet,’ acting as if the audio, the information, isn’t telling enough. Then, you see Media Matters – the same players – the same ones that get invited to the White House, the same ones that get on special conference calls, the same ones that get the shout-outs at the press conferences, who get their presidential 15 minutes of fame, the same bloggers who have access to key people within the administration. They’re all working in cahoots with each other, it’s predictable. Every single damaging bit of revelation.”


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