October 21, 2010

JAMES TARANTO: Public Radio vs. The Public: The comment that got Juan Williams fired–and the one that didn’t. “It is highly revealing that a hostile expression of prejudice against ordinary Americans is apparently consistent with whatever standards and practices supposedly govern NPR. On the other hand a pained expression of a prejudice shared by ordinary Americans and rooted in the reality of war, we are told, violates those ineffable standards and is a firing offense.”

Related: Juan Williams: Fired For Doubting? “I wonder if it was smart of NPR to–12 days out from an election where leftism is headed for a defeat of rejection–reinforce the perception that both liberalism and the media are out of control; that they have utterly cast off their former roles as champions of free speech and free thought, in favor of compulsory conformity.”

Also: “Thoughtcrime.”

UPDATE: Reader Barry Dauphin writes: “It’s pledge week here at your local NPR affiliate, so we’ll celebrate by firing Juan Williams. Now we’ll bring you some objective reporting from Nina Totenberg. Nina, tell us how you feel about the Tea Party.”

Related: Will NPR fire Nina Totenberg for wishing Jesse Helms would get AIDS?

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