October 12, 2010

JAMES TARANTO: DEATH PANELS FOR DEMOCRATS: “They voted for ObamaCare, and now their party is putting them out of their misery. . . . Driehaus, Kosmas and Dahlkemper might not need the help the party is denying them had they not been bullied into voting for that agenda. For that matter, had ObamaCare not been enacted, the Democratic Party would not be as widely loathed as it is today, and might be on its way to retaining its majority. It’s no exaggeration to say that ObamaCare turned Van Hollen’s DCCC into the Democratic House Death Panel.”

UPDATE: Just like with ObamaCare, if your politics are wrong you’re in trouble: Dem candidate: DCCC canceled ads because I won’t support Pelosi. Today, your campaign ads. Tomorrow, your liver transplant.

Am I joking? No. You can take that prediction to the bank. That’s who these people are, and this is how they think.

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