October 5, 2010

YOU PATHETIC CHICKEN: Try it with Mohammed, or shut the f*ck up. “This has been done so many times before that it is a cliche. In the artworld, such work belongs next to the Velvet Elvis and the dogs playing poker. If this ‘artist’ had any courage, he’d show Mohammed instead of Jesus. That’s cutting edge. That’s breaking new ground. That’s dangerous. That’s truly being willing to sacrifice for the sake of art. I triple-dog dare the professor. Otherwise: Bluck, bluck, bluck.”

UPDATE: Okay, I retract the charge of cowardice. I think Mohammed kneeling before transvestite pigs, or whatever, is brave enough. Transgressive art!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Shelby Clark emails to ask: “How about the charge of being a terrible artist? The image at the link isn’t great, but it looks like poorly drawn ‘satire’ equivalent to a potty-mouthed teenager’s insults.” Technical proficiency is no longer required or admired in the art world. That went out with Bouguereau.

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