September 28, 2010

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: President 40/60.

The President does not conduct himself in a sober and judicious manner and neither do those around him. On any given day he can slur Arizonans as wanting to round up innocents on the way to ice cream. He can slander police as stupidly-acting stereotypers. The Attorney General can call us cowards and swear without reading a bill that it profiles the innocent. Legitimate worry over a ground zero mosque translates into anti-constitutional efforts to stifle freedom of worship. Those with money—defined by an arbitrary annual income level of $250,000—owe the rest of us their ill-gotten gains. Surgeons transmogrify into tonsil-loppers, insurers are greedy, investors put back at the end of the creditor line, all worthy of a boot on their necks and a kick in the ass.

The First Lady can likewise say anything at anytime that would earn about a 10% approval rating. “Deign to run”, “raise the bar”, “never been proud before”, “downright mean country” and all that have gone somnolent only because of a fleeting January 2009 70% approval rating. When polls hits 40% , expect the 2008 tropes to return. The result won’t be pretty. Bush was stoic and philosophical at 38% after six years; the aggrieved Obamas will not be after two.

Read the whole thing. And Obama should have taken some lessons on why Presidents act “Presidential.” It’s not because they’re stuffy stick-in-the-muds, but rather because experience has shown that acting otherwise is political suicide.

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