September 24, 2010

THE HILL: Colbert appearance causes mixed feelings. “Comedian Stephen Colbert’s scheduled appearance on Capitol Hill Friday elicited mixed reactions from lawmakers, with some grateful for his participation and others incensed he had been invited in the first place.” Well, the clowns in Congress may fear that the presence of a professional clown will show them up . . .

Of course, as a reader pointed out yesterday, Colbert’s testimony will provide a convenient distraction for media folks trying to avoid reporting on Christopher Coates’ testimony today about DOJ misconduct in the New Black Panther case.

UPDATE: Reader Jody Green emails:

At this moment there are 16 articles with “Christopher Coates congress” on Google News (None of the MSM except Fox News) and there is 268 with “Cobert Congress” (Including most the MSM). Looks like the distraction is working in advance.

More than what they choose to cover, it’s what they choose not to cover that shows the narrative. . . .

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