September 22, 2010

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: Don’t Take On Debt To Go To Culinary School. Is there a higher education bubble there, too? At least it’s a tasty one. . . .

UPDATE: A reader emails:

Glenn – we paid $24,000 for my wife to attend culinary school. She ended up getting connected with a good, entry level job at a great resort out of it, but the first thing they told her was that she should have just applied to their training program. Culinary work definitely lends itself to on the job training, and even with a degree you are still going to start at the bottom.

Thankfully, we only took out $7,000 in student loans. . .

On-the-job training also lets you figure out if you really want to do it long-term, before you take out big loans. Not to say that cooking school is a bad idea, only that people need to think hard before borrowing a lot of money.

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