September 19, 2010

OOPS: Cleaner for the Environment, Not for the Dishes.

While phosphates help prevent dishes from spotting in the wash cycle, they have long ended up in lakes and reservoirs, stimulating algae growth that deprives other plants and fish of oxygen.

Yet now, with the content reduced, many consumers are finding the new formulas as appealing as low-flow showers, underscoring the tradeoffs that people often face today in a more environmentally conscious marketplace.

“Low-flow? I don’t like the sound of that . . . .”

Plus this: “’The reality of any green product is that they generally don’t work as well,’ she said. ‘Our customers really don’t like them.’”

UPDATE: Reader M. Simon emails: “Dirty dishes. Bedbugs. I’m beginning to see a pattern.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Brendon Carr writes: “Dirty dishes, bedbugs, and the return of previously-vanquished diseases like whooping cough. What these things have in common is that the left’s Gaia-worship threatens to turn back all human progress.”

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