September 19, 2010

MARC AMBINDER: Media will help Democrats’ messaging about the Tea Party.

That’s one of those admissions, like Evan Thomas’s famous “fifteen percent” remark, that’s worth highlighting.

UPDATE: Reader Roger Byrne writes: “What is even more pertinent on your point about Evan Thomas and media bias is the fact that Newsweek was recently sold for $1.00. So their journalistic practices have bankrupted their distribution mechanism of their ideology.” But they don’t care, because they value the ideology more.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Ralph Tacoma emails:

Your point about this being consistent with Evan Thomas’s “fifteen percent” remark, and the resultant cheapening of the market value of traditional media is certainly valid; but I think that the cheapening of value also applies to the effectiveness of the traditional media.

Assuming that Thomas was correct about the “fifteen percent” I suspect that the equivalent effect to day is more in the 1-5% range. Witness the lack of effect that their playing of the “race card” has had to date.

We’ll know more on 11/3/2010.

Indeed we will.

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