September 6, 2010


“They talk about me like a dog.”

Reader Melissa Lambert emails: “I think the Army of Davids are getting to him.”

UPDATE: “They talk about me like a dog, talk about the clothes I wear. But they don’t realize, they’re the ones who’s square.” So there.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jim Treacher: “Dogs are capable of learning.”

Plus, “You just threw that in, then. But why?”

“Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong.”

MORE: Ed Rendell: “Obama feels sort of unloved.”

MORE STILL: An earlier manifestation. Plus this: “That’s why Presidents usually act Presidential. Not so much because it’s dignified. But because it’s smart. That’s something that Obama, with his limited experience on the national stage, hasn’t figured out yet.” If you make your presidency all about you, it will be a small presidency.

Plus, from the comments at Althouse, Obama, The Thin-Skinned President. And a lack of experience taking criticism. “Not surprisingly, Obama’s thin skin leads to self pity.”

STILL MORE: What goes around, comes around.

Ben Cunningham: “We don’t have a President, we have a paranoid, petulant child.”

Reader Brett Rogers writes: “For all the talk about Obama being Spock, Spock never whined. Plus, Spock was good at math . . . ”

And reader Pat Gang is offended by my reference, above: “No man who wears ‘mom jeans’ has any business channeling Jimi Hendrix.”

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