August 27, 2010

SISSY WILLIS: GOP powers that be are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. “The national GOP is being disintermediated via the Internet. No wonder they’re upset.”

Related: Betrayal: AK GOP HQ Phone Banked For Murkowski On Election Day. “There are additional reasons why we may soon see what amounts to a civil war within the GOP in Alaska, one that could easily spill over nationally, infuriating the Republican base if the establishment attempts to steal this election for Murkowski. And Murkowski will do the GOP brand no good among the grassroots if she pulls a Sorry Charlie Crist and opts for another route.” If these reports are true, it’s a bad sign in more ways than one.

UPDATE: Reader Stephen Clark writes: “This is one more instance to make the point that the states’ party apparatus is the Achilles’ heel of all national political parties. The national political parties, like DC generally, can’t be everywhere at once. Control the state party apparatus and shenanigans like the AK GOP phone bank become more difficult if not impossible.” Absolutely.

Also: Just How Badly Has the NRSC Screwed Up? Worse Than You Think.

ANOTHER UPDATE: NRSC sends lawyer to help Murkowski, will not aid Miller unless nominated. Dynastic insiders getting insider help? Bad optics, as they say . . . .

MORE: Reader Lawrence Loretoni emails: “Re the NRSC helping out Murkowski – it’s as if they didn’t learn anything from 2006 and 2008…or don’t care about any possible lessons imparted by us unwashed, stupid masses. Hope not, but if that’s the case – then maybe they shouldn’t get too optimistic about their chances this year.” The Republican leadership needs to straighten this stuff out fast, or they’ll not only find themselves out of a job, they’re likely to find themselves hounded by activists when they move to their next job.

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