August 26, 2010

ANN ALTHOUSE: Didn’t everyone already know Ken Mehlman was gay? “I thought everyone knew he was gay. For another thing, who cares about Ken Mehlman anymore? . . . Oh, I hear the dog-whistle. He’s calling the Oprah crowd. Family, friends… supportive… he wants Democrats, women, etc., to care about him. Don’t hate me because I’m/I’ve been a Republican. Love me, because I’m gay, and oh! how I’ve anguished in the company of Republicans.”

Gay, schmay. I wasn’t overwhelmed when Helen and I interviewed him a few months before the Republicans’ 2006 election debacle, though he did his best to explain away the GOP’s problems. He just didn’t seem to “get it.” Not that the Republicans seem to have learned a lot since. . . .

Related: Ken Mehlman Is Gay And I Don’t Care. “Considering that Ken Mehlman’s name hasn’t crossed my mind in quite some time, I find it hard to get too terribly excited about his turn-ons.”

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