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August 24, 2010

SHOCKER: Study Finds No Link Tying Disaster Losses to Human-Driven Warming.

The pull of the “front-page thought” and the eagerness of climate campaigners to jog the public have sometimes created a tendency to tie mounting losses from weather-related disasters to human-driven global warming.

But finding a statistically robust link between such disasters and the building human climate influence remains a daunting task. A new analysis of nearly two dozen papers assessing trends in disaster losses in light of climate change finds no convincing link. The author concludes that, so far, the rise in disaster losses is mainly a function of more investments getting in harm’s way as communities in places vulnerable to natural hazards grow.

So when U.N. spokesmen claim the Pakistan floods were caused by “climate change” tell them that the science is settled. Or just start talking about how cold last winter was, which usually reminds them of the difference between weather and climate . . . .

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