August 23, 2010

ANN ALTHOUSE IS UNIMPRESSED WITH THE DAILY CALLER’S LATEST: “What’s wrong with a political blog getting into a lucrative niche? It will need to draw readers too or it won’t get the advertising, and no one can make people read. It’s a built-in safeguard. Really, what is the problem?! It’s so annoying to read an article like this. The headline and first paragraph make you think it’s a big exposé and the rest is a lukewarm mishmash.” Yeah, I thought it was a big story at first, too. Then I read it.

Ace is also unimpressed: “Okay, there’s one guy. But The Daily Caller uses that one instance to prove a general trend through that article-making ‘standard operating procedure’ quote. . . . The media is always incredibly eager to push wedge issues that hurt conservatives — if a story splits conservatives and independents, they love it. If it splits conservatives from the main conservative party, they love it. They never push such wedge issues that hurt Democrats — in fact, they try their level best to either disappear such stories entirely or convince the feuding factions that there really is no dispute, that all sides can agree and move on (and vote together in harmony).”

Now if it had been as bad as these shocking Stacy McCain photos. . . .

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