August 20, 2010

BYRON YORK: Obama has himself to blame for Muslim problem. “Since Smitty the barber first asked the question 25 years ago, Barack Obama has been reluctant to discuss his Muslim roots. Except, of course, when he’s been eager to discuss his Muslim roots. And roots aside, to the outside observer, Obama sometimes doesn’t appear to practice any faith at all. Put it all together, and is it any wonder the public is confused?”

Obama famously described himself as a blank screen onto which others projected their impressions. This worked for him for a long time. Now, it’s working against him.

UPDATE: Reader William Kuhle emails:

My hypothesis on the increasing view that Obama is muslim:

Surely some of those polled are against Obama and would respond in a way that would publicly tweak Obama, even though they know in their heart of hearts that he probably isn’t muslim. This polling behavior is , effectively, tit-for-tat, as Obama frequently does the same to his opponents, in the form of references to “tea baggers” and on-the-sly displays of his middle finger. Well, this is one way we’re publicly but surreptitiously giving him the middle finger back.

Hmm. Could be.

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