August 9, 2010

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY! Greg Gutfeld: I’m raising money to build a Muslim gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque. “As you know, the Muslim faith doesn’t look kindly upon homosexuality, which is why I’m building this bar. It is an effort to break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia in the Islamic world.”

UPDATE: “Ground Queero: A Mecca Of Tolerance.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails:

In the spirit of Imam Faisal, I have some more structures that world architecture demands in order to build bridges across cultural divides.

St Abrahamy’s Orthodox Church in Riyadh
The Charles Martel École Militaire in Dubai
The Lost Treasures of Tibet in Beijing
The Comfort Women Memorial in Tokyo
The Jewish Holocaust Museum of Gaza
The Daniel Pearl School of Journalism in Islamabad
The Eternal Flame of Waco at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library
The Sanātana Dharma Temple in Medina
St. Judes Cathedral in Mecca

( Hey, this would make a great contest! I’d love to see the creativity of everyone out there. The list must be endless. It bridges our differences you know! Can’t you feel the love? )

Of course, all of these must be approved before we go to seek the financing. It is only fair.


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