July 31, 2010

MORE ON JOURNOLIST as a media self-herding device. “Certainly Journolist wasn’t an institution where you got career points for being contrarian. Quite the opposite.” Nope, it was a place for good party discipline, those who were happy to enforce it, and those who were happy to submit to it.

Sounds like Ann Althouse was right. “Remember the liberal meme that George Bush was ‘incurious’? But aren’t these liberal journalists incurious? They had this email list that was designed — apparently — to figure out how to structure the various news stories to serve the interests of their party. The Journolist was a self-herding device. They wanted to be good cogs in a machine that would generate power for the Democratic Party, didn’t they? For career and social rewards? That’s my hypothesis.”

UPDATE: Reader Randy Miller writes: “It seems as though Journolist’s Blowhard Preventer….Failed!” Heh.

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