July 26, 2010

SOMEHOW I MISSED THIS LAST WEEK, but it’s still important: Congressman introduces resolution to protect citizens who videotape cops. Needless to say, I agree — but I’d prefer actual federal civil rights legislation to a “sense of Congress” resolution.

And here’s an editorial from USA Today that I missed, too. Well, I was working hard on a law-review article, so I guess I was distracted.

And here’s one more thing that I missed that day: DA’s office agrees to unusual settlement. “The Allegheny County district attorney’s office has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit against it by redistributing a memo explaining that it is not against the law to videotape a police officer in the course of doing his duty. The unusual settlement — which includes no financial terms — came about after a Hill District man was charged with violating state wiretap laws in April 2009.”

Boy, you blink for a second. . . .

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