July 23, 2010

SHIRLEY SHERROD, BENEATH THE HEADLINES: “CNN is strongly pushing the notion that Shirley Sherrod is a uniter, dedicated to bringing people together. However, her rhetoric beneath the headlines hardly supports that conclusion. . . . I’ve seen people, including some on the Right, claiming Sherrod deserves an apology from Andrew Breitbart. Fair enough, though I disagree. But I wonder, will those same truth seekers call on Sherrod to apologize for charging that, what Breitbart really wants is a genuine return to slavery? Or, shall we assume that the apology seekers actually agree with her? Come on, pundits. Don’t let your inkwells go dry, now. This is just getting fun. . . . Sorry, friends. But when I look below the headlines at the real Shirley Sherrod, as opposed to the fast spun media myth – I think I see her for what she really is. And it’s a very clear portrait painted in sharp contrasts between black and white. Far from bringing the races together in America, the Shirley Sherrods of the world accomplish nothing but maintaining any distance, if not actually driving them apart. It’s amazing how the conditions for having sainthood bestowed upon oneself have changed over the years.”

Maybe someone should ask Sen. James Webb (D-Va) to weigh in.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Reader Rob Cantor writes: “Shirley Sherrod has become a constant presence on TV. The White House ought to get Vernon Jordan to find her a job in the private sector, because she’s giving off definite Cindy Sheehan vibes. The question is, will she attempt the rare Full Ginsburg?

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