July 23, 2010

ED DRISCOLL on JournoList and Obama’s “Non-Official Campaign:” “A commenter notes another Obama official who was on the JournoList. Reader ‘Hydrangea’ wonders why ‘people keep forgetting that Peter Orszag was also a Journolister.’ Orszag is President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget Director.”

This does raise still more of those pesky coordination issues.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

Every talking head that goes on TV needs to be asked if they were part of JournoList.

Every university professor needs to be asked if they were on the JournoList. (Tucker needs to publish the list of names of all public employees that were members.)

For the record, I was not one of the professors on JournoList . . . .

MORE: Reader Brian Torrez writes: “Not one mention of JournoList on TPM this morning. Gee I thought these guys were so cutting edge. Makes you wonder what they are hiding?” Hey, they call it Talking Points Memo for a reason.

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