July 23, 2010

PAUL HSIEH: Donald Berwick, the Pro-Gun Control Lobby, and Paternalism.

UPDATE: Reader Charles Quinn writes: “I read the link you gave about Mr. Berwick @ 10:46 am. One sentence stands out. ‘Berwick has explicitly called for doctors to relinquish their ‘clinician autonomy’ and instead follow standardized government treatment guidelines.’ This sentence cuts right at the heart of Roe vs. Wade does it not? Didn’t that case enshrine into the Constitution that government make not interfere in the relationship between a woman and her doctor? Wouldn’t it be the supreme irony if the Supreme Court, or an inferior court for that matter, struck down Obamacare using Roe vs. Wade as a precedent? The agony for the right and the left would be excruciating.”

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