July 21, 2010

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: JournoList: Is ‘call them racists’ a liberal media tactic?

“What the Daily Caller has unearthed proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that most media organizations are either complicit by participation in the treachery that is JournoList, or are guilty of sitting back and watching…,” writes conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart.

Such criticisms are fair, says Professor Campbell at SUNY Buffalo.

“To some extent [some] media have been successful in [playing the race card],” he says. “You have people now talking about the tea party and others in terms of this race issue, and that in itself deflects from what the tea party people are really concerned about, which is out-of-control federal spending and excessive intrusion of government. To the extent that the press, even by suggesting that race is an issue, if it gets everybody talking about the tea party in those terms, they have been successful.”

At the same time, Campbell says, the race card may have been so overplayed that it no longer has much of an effect on how Americans think or act.

“I think a lot of people don’t take it very seriously anymore,” he says.

I basically assume it’s made-up now. And I’m seldom wrong.

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