July 18, 2010

TOM SMITH: “The new DOJ website is kind of creepy.” Here’s the site. What do you think?

Is the new DOJ website creepy?
Only if website design by Darth Vader creeps you out.
I think it’s kind of dignified.
Beats that creepy eye-in-the-pyramid thing from “Total Information Awareness.”
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UPDATE: Reader Antoinette Aubert writes:

I clicked onto the DOJ site so I could make an informed vote on your poll. The first thing I see was an announcement that DOJ is investigating doctors. The next thing I see is that DOJ is investigating police officers. Doctors and police officers? Yep that’s the crime wave every American lives in fear of and wants the DOJ to protect them from. Think of all the candidates that have been elected to office because they promised the voters they would arrest doctors and police officers.

Not only is it creepy, its politically insane. If I were Holder at this point I would try to go for diminished capacity.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Alan Henderson writes:

Maybe someone should hold a contest – best suggestion for the DOJ website’s background music. The theme to the original “Halloween” seems to catch the mood. The “Imperial March” is an easy choice. Blue Oyster Cult’s “Dominance and Submission” works, too – although I’d reserve that one for the White House Czars’ website, if they had one.


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