July 12, 2010

I’VE BLOGGED ABOUT THE Kodak Playsport waterproof videocam before. Now reader D.W. Drang writes:

just got back from Kona where I tried out my Kodak Playsport ZX3, and Mrs. Drang tried out the digi-cam equipped dive mask she bought from Hammocker schlepper. (I posted a video she made here.) She ordered the light kit to go with the mask, but it did not get delivered in time–Big Brown sent it to the wrong island–but, even where the water was not pristine, it was not needed. Maybe next time we’ll do one of those night dives with the manta rays…

I found that, although the Playsport is not buoyant itself, it still bobbed a bit. I attached a boaters’ key float to the wrist lanyard, in case I let go. Never did, although when those idjit kayakers almost ran me over…

Nice to hear.

UPDATE: Reader Jason Register emails:

I forgot to thank you for your post on the Kodak Playsport back in May. I bought it for my fishing trip to the Keys and got some great underwater video of dolphin and blackfin tuna as they approached the boat (gaff). I used iMovie and iDVD to put together a video with some Beastie Boys music and all my friends think I’m a genius. Thanks again for highlighting this little beauty. I’m now using it to make wake boarding videos of my friends much to their delight.

Always happy to help a reader look like a genius.

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