July 8, 2010

WATCHED PAUL NEWMAN’S The Verdict with the family last night. One of the great lawyer movies ever, and one of Newman’s best performances. For a project I’m working on, I’m interested in movies and TV about law and lawyers — not just stuff with a legal setting, but stuff that revolves around lawyers and what people think of them. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Reader Mike McElravy recommends Absence of Malice, also with Paul Newman. That one’s already on my list. Also Twelve Angry Men, Judgment At Nuremberg, and The Paper Chase.

I’ve also been looking for the episode of L.A. Law that gave rise to the “Arnie Becker Rule” against lawyers sleeping with their clients, but for some reason L.A. Law is unavailable on DVD or pretty much anywhere. (Bumped — and thanks for all the suggestions that are pouring in.)

UPDATE: Some thoughts from Jonah Goldberg.

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