June 15, 2010


Heck, even Keith Olbermann is unimpressed.

UPDATE: It’s not just Olbermann: MSNBC Hosts Dump On Obama’s Speech.

And a reader emails: “I am begining to think the Beatles song ‘Nowhere Man’ might work for this president.” Hmm. Making all his nowhere plans for nobody. . . Yeah, I see it.


There’s an added layer of irony here as well. As Planet Gore contributor Chris Horner rehearses at length in his book Power Grab, the prime architect of the cap-and-trade idea was — you guessed it — former BP CEO Lord John Browne. So there is a special kind of cognitive dissonance going on in the juxtaposition of BP bullying and carbon tax cheerleading.

Hmm. A special kind of cognitive dissonance. The slogan for Obama 2012?

MORE: “This is such embarrassing cliché rhetoric: Some say we can’t do it. I say we can’t not do it. I think I used that line with a girlfriend, once.

Plus, Rand Simberg on Apollo analogies.

FINALLY: John Podhoretz: Obama’s 9/11 Envy. “President Obama doesn’t like the fact that the Gulf oil spill reminds people of Hurricane Katrina, since the public response to that catastrophe hastened the decline of his predecessor’s standing. He’d prefer that the American people be reminded of something else — something that rallied people around their president.” Good luck with that.

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