June 7, 2010

FELLED BY A FLIP CAM: Helen Thomas retires. I told you those ubiquitous video cameras mattered . . . .

Reader Jessica O’Connor emails: “I heard this morning that the Rabbi who gave Helen Thomas enough rope to hang herself filmed their little exchange on a flip camera. I was pretty amazed at the excellent quality of both the audio & the video. It also it made me think of you, who is telling everyone to have these things all the time. It was certainly effective this time.” Indeed.

UPDATE: Reader Leslie Eastman writes:

My friend attended a San Diego rally this weekend, at utilized a flip camera to record the 100 or so attendees. There was a San Diego Union Tribune reporter who interviewed me, indicating someone told him only 25 people were there — the number he was originally going to use, until our images proved otherwise.

The post is also a compendium of the 20,000 or so Americans protesting nation-wide this weekend.

More video is better. And reader Denise Dillow writes: “Funny that you can get a video of Helen Thomas spewing her hate, but we can’t find one showing ugly names being shouted in a crowd at congressmen. It’s a mystery.” Yeah, funny.

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