June 7, 2010


My Sunday Washington Examiner column on the Higher Ed Bubble.

Shocker: Harvard Study: Earmarks Don’t Help Districts, They Cost Jobs.

Forget “White Flight” — Dallas Schools Suffering From “Black Flight.”

Amazing discovery: Turks Aren’t Arabs.

This weekend’s PJM Political, featuring Mickey Kaus.

ObamaCare: More unpopular than offshore drilling? Related: Young people unhappy with ObamaCare: “Overwhelmingly, we feel that we’re being taken advantage of to subsidize a bunch of old people we don’t know, will never meet, and frankly shouldn’t need to be paying to support.”

Looking for a job? Better not be unemployed!

Current zeitgeist in a single headline: Deficit Reduction Commission Seeks Increase in its Budget.

Turkey and Brazil: Terrible Twins?

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