May 25, 2010


Most of the Navy guys I know would not let themselves be called a liar by a sad sack like Robert Gibbs if they weren’t, you know, lying. Froggy would have waterboarded his fat ass quicker than you can say “Charlie Sheen is an awesome actor.” And Subsunk would have appeared out of a storm drain like some kind of an angry sea wolf ninja, kicked him in the nuts until he fell to the ground holding onto what was left of them, grabbed the hair on the back of his head and shoved his face into the pavement until his nose and teeth were mashed up into some kind of a bloody stew.

But Joe Sestak didn’t do that.

So here’s what I think. I think the fact that Joe Sestak — even after being called a liar by Robert Gibbs — has not come forward and made a statement to the authorities about felony corruption he claims to have witnessed says something about Joe Sestak. And what it says is this: Joe Sestak is either a coward, a liar, a political sycophant or — and this is where I’d put my money — all three of these things.

Whatever Joe Sestak learned in the Navy, it wasn’t “personal accountability.”


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