May 25, 2010

TRANSPARENCY: Ag Department Shuts Down Embarrassing Subsidies Database. “The federal farm bureaucrats naturally opted out of disclosing how much they were paying people like former ABC News White House correspondent Sam Donaldson and multi-millionaire David Rockefeller not to grow crops. No doubt the decision was made to ‘save tax dollars.'”

UPDATE: Reader Bart Hall emails:

I farm for a living — meaning that neither of us has a job off the farm, and we refuse to accept one cent of federal farm subsidy.

These people make me want to barf. Or load and lock. The entire system is unbelievably corrupted. Eight “farmers” in South Dakota receive 93% of the total subsidy money for that state. We can’t even talk about the insane water subsidies for California growers that give them a 2 dollar per box advantage for selling lettuce into my own back yard — all of it paid with my tax money.


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