November 4, 2008

MEGAN MCARDLE: “Whether or not you are for Obama, the candidate, I think you have to admit that there is one pretty exciting thing happening today: we will never again live in an America where a black man can’t be elected president.” That’s right. Even if it works out that Obama isn’t elected President, it’s clear that he can be. And, probably, still will be, even if there’s some evidence that things may be tighter than the polls had suggested.

UPDATE: Reader Rahul Banta writes: “I think one take away from this election cycle is that never again will two white men ever be successful running for President and Vice President. I think this election has changed all that permanently. For better or worse we now will have at least one woman and one minority person on one of the major parties ticket, perhaps even in the same person and anything other than that will be seen as somehow out of touch or not very representative of America. The amazing thing is this all happened without anyone really noticing it.”

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