April 30, 2008

YESTERDAY’S POST on the motorcycle GPS unit produced several emails that I quoted, but today I got this from Marc “Armed Liberal” Danziger:

Glenn, we’ve got one – I got it because Tenacious G (my wife) rides really well, but navigates less well, and we found that the stress of trying to navigate on the fly on a motorcycle tends to degrade her riding skills – making her less safe.

I’ve used it on my motorcycle, and found it not to be overly distracting at all (plus it plays MP3’s via Bluetooth).

Highly, highly recommended.

As long as we’re talking gadgets, we also got one of these – a Spot Messenger (http://www.findmespot.com/Home.aspx). It uses GPS and satellite communications to allow you to send emails with a Google Maps link to a designated list of people saying “I’m OK” or “I need help” and it also will page the GEOS rescue center for you. Makes those long rides through cell-phone-less back country just a little more secure…

That looks like a very cool gadget.

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