April 29, 2008


NASHVILLE, Tenn.- There was a deadly gunfight at a liquor store in Inglewood Saturday night. An armed robbery suspect was gunned down, after trying to rob the place. But it wasn’t a police officer who took action.

None of the clerks in Sinkers Wine and Spirits had a gun to protect themselves, but they said they’re thankful one of their customers did. . . . Baxter believes the customer and the suspects exchanged about ten gunshots. The would-be robbers tried to flee, but one of the men collapsed at the scene and died shortly after. Police said the citizen had a valid carry permit, and a right to protect himself.

“A citizen just like a police officer has the right to defend themselves or others, if they’re in fear of death or serious bodily injury and that right extends to using deadly force,” said Capt. David Imhof with Metro Police.

Indeed. Plus this lesson learned: “As for the workers at Sinkers who were unarmed at the time, they said they have plans to protect themselves in the future.” (Via Truman Bean).

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