March 13, 2008

SO ANN ALTHOUSE has been taking (and posting) lots of pictures with her new fisheye lens. I’m kind of jealous, because I don’t have a fisheye lens. But I do have a 12-24mm zoom that’s almost a fisheye. With today being the last day before spring break I was too busy to get out and take exciting pictures around town, but I did carry the camera to the Law School.

Here’s a picture of the seldom-photographed Insta-Office at the Law School, somewhat neater than usual:


Here’s a look down at the rotunda floor, which reminds me of the Star Trek episode set on Triskelion. I always want to bet twenty quatloos on the newcomer.


And here’s a look up at the other rotunda, named after Howard Baker, Jr., a local boy who made good.


Some earlier lens-blogging here. Also here.

UPDATE: GayPatriotWest emails to ask where the books are – the bookshelves are to the left, outside the picture except for a bit of corner. Though I’m trying to keep only books I’m actually using in the office, to hold down the clutter. Which leads to his next comment: “It’s funny how we imagine other bloggers — and how wrong our images are. I had always imagined you in a very cluttered office, with piles of law journals on the desk and books on the floor.”

That was my old office. I moved into this one over the Christmas break and haven’t managed to crap it up yet. (With the retirement of so many of the folks we hired in the 1970s, I’m suddenly one of the senior faculty and thus qualify for one of the big offices, though I actually had a nicer office back when I practiced law). I’m vaguely hopeful that I’ll do better these days, as when I threw away the astounding amount of paper that filled the old office, it seemed that most of it was old and that my mess-production rate had fallen.

And readers want to know what’s on the banner over the desk. It says — complete with the quotation marks for academically acceptable irony – “For God, For Country, and For Yale.”

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