February 29, 2008

SMOOT-OBAMA-HAWLEY-CLINTON: “What a sad showing from candidates who are going around promising to repair the Bush administration’s supposed alienation of our friends around the world. Is this how they plan to do it? By dealing with our neighbors and trading partners in Canada and Mexico with threats and ultimatums? . . . All because the environmental standards that arch Republican Vice President Gore negotiated into Nafta aren’t strong enough for the Green extremists running for the Democratic nomination this time around — and because the candidates want to use the trade agreement, rather than the International Labor Organization, to dictate labor standards in neighboring countries. Something like 1,000 economists got together to warn Congress against a protectionist surge when Messrs. Smoot and Hawley were concocting the legislations that helped tip America, nay the world, into the Great Depression. One would have thought the Democrats would have learned.”

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UPDATE: Look who’s afraid of free trade.

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